I Was At The Bookstore The Other Day

I was at Kinokuniya yesterday and the day before when I noticed this: there are no good-looking guys there. I mean, do these guys actually read??? By the way, Kinokuniya is a big bookstore from Japan which also sells other books from other languages, not only Japanese books. Anyway, as I was saying, even good-looking guys must read, right? They cannot be only out there playing sports, getting tanned or trying to look good in front of the mirror all the time. All I saw were mostly the ladies, children, teenagers and maybe some older gents.

So, my question is, to the guys who happen to be reading this post, how many of you actually go to a bookstore and browse/get an actual book? Not an e-book, mind you, but a proper paper book. Alright. I will be lenient. Magazines, comics and other paper printed reading materials are included in the list.

How many? Let me know, please, by commenting.



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