From Manila, Philippines.

Just a quick post.

I am now in Manila with 3 of my school mates, now colleagues. An old friend of ours from NAFA met us at the airport and drove us to our accommodation. We had a first hand experience of the wonderfully famous Manila traffic (sense the sarcasm). Haha! Anyway, we still managed to get to our accommodation in under an hour.

By the way, we are staying at this lovely little hostel known as ‘The Melting Pot’ and it is in a very good location. There is no problem with finding food here. There are shops all around and a supermarket across the road, and just down the road are the major shopping centres! Hahaha!

So, anyway, our friend brought us to eat local Philippine food at this restaurant at a major shopping centre. We ordered a dish of Filipino-style Chinese fried noodles, a bowl of seafood kare-kare (it’s like curry but without the spiciness), a plate of pork satay (pork meat skewers) and a plate of famous Filipino barbecued pork trotters which reminded me of the German version of pork trotters and sauerkraut. Anyway, it was a good dinner. After that, we walked around, did some window shopping and then we called it a day. Our friend had to drive back to his house and it takes him about 1/2 hour to drive on the expressway home.

So, what are we doing now? We have yet to shower, but instead, we are sitting at the dining table in the hostel, checking on the situation back home (we have a horrible haze going on!!!) and I am blogging here.

Till next time, mabuhuay!


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