Things I Did In Manila Today

So, what I did today.

In the morning after breakfast, we went for a walk in the area. By the way, our breakfast is provided by the hostel. We had bread, instant cup noodles, breakfast beverages i.e coffee, tea, milo, cereal and a banana each. Not bad, eh? The lady-boss told me that providing breakfast is a hospitality tradition from back in the Spanish colonial days. šŸ™‚ So we went walking for about two blocks before turning around and walked back via the opposite side. We ended up at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf opposite our hostel, in this place called Avenue, for about an hour odd. We sat there with our drinks and a book. We were supposed to meet our friend for lunch at 2pm. That was why we were lazing around. Lol!!!

For lunch, we went to this pizza place called the Yellow Cab. It is good. The crust is thinner than Pizza Hut and that is the main reason why most locals go there to eat. By the way, the Yellow Cab has many branches across Manila. As there were four of us, we shared the Spaghetti with meat balls, spaghetti with chicken and olives in cream sauce, and for the pizza, we had a New York’s Finest. There were only 2 meatballs but we were fine with it since we had another serving of the other pasta. In summary, all three were fantastic. So, if you are reading this and you are also in Manila, Philippines, please go try the Yellow Cab.

After our delicious lunch, we drove out to SM Megamall. The distance there was not that long but due to the heavy traffic, we spent quite some time on the roads waiting, until myself and another friend in the back seat fell asleep. This shopping centre is really huge. We did not do much shopping or even window shopping as we wanted to watch ‘Man Of Steel’. And I say, as a person who is not really a huge fan of Superman, the movie was AWESOME. It was so good that the 2 hours 30 minutes of sitting in the cinema felt quite alright. Normally, if the film was not that good, or draggy, one could easily feel the strain, but this was not the case. Anyway, if you have not watched it, go ahead, watch it while you can or else, if you have missed it, get it on DVD. It is that good.

By the time we were done watching, it was already nine in the evening. We went to a Korean restaurant that our friend had been to, so he brought us there, which is not very far from SM Megamall. The restaurant is called ‘Jang Ga Nae’. We ordered a plate each of grilled chicken and beef, and a small pot of what is known as ‘army stew, which is actually a pot of almost anything goes. Lol!!! It is not that bad as it sounds. It is actually a mix of instant noodles, bean-curd (tofu), sausages, sliced pieces of rice cake and kimchi. It is really ok! As for the grilled meats, we ate it Korean style i.e with a piece of lettuce spread out on one hand, a small dollop of beanpaste on it and then the meat on it before wrapping it out and popping it into your mouth. šŸ™‚ For our friend, it was his first time eating like this. šŸ˜€

And that was my day. We got back at almost 11 and I have yet to have my shower. Hahahaha!!!

We will be going to our friend’s house tomorrow after we checked out of the hostel. Our flight home to sadly hazy Singapore is in the evening. How sad that our short trip is coming to an end and soon, too soon, we will be back at our jobs. Not forgetting breathing in the hazy air while working. Oh well. All good things must come to an end, and it also means that I can start planning for my year-end trip. Lol! I sometimes cannot believe that I am that optimistic.

Also, just like to let you know, I am in no way paid to mention the places I had just written about. šŸ˜‰

Till then!






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