Flight And Home

Before I go have my much needed shower, I have something to say.

I am homeeeeeeeeee…!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

The weather is still as hot as when I left, but I think it is even hotter now all thanks to the smoky skies contributed by our neighbours. Anyway, from what I saw on my way home from the airport on the MRT (our local train system), the skies are not that grey as compared to the previous days. I still can breathe however, it is still best to be indoors as much as possible and also, if you need to be out, please use a surgical mask or the N95 mask.

About the Philippines Airlines flight I was on, well, there was a delay by an hour as the plane just arrived from Cebu and they had to clean it first before allowing the Singapore-bound passengers on. Basically, after a breakfast of fried rice and a choice of chicken or fish, I slept till nearing touch down. Yup. I was that tired all due to yesterday’s excitement. Haha!

Well, off to shower now and then continue to unpack my stuff.

“This is home, truly, where I know I must be…” – ‘Home’, sung by Kit Chen, composed by Dick Lee.


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