Back to Work/School

It is only the first day and yet I am already feeling so tired!!!!! Oh my God, help! I need to be back on my work feet.

The school day has yet to end, though. In fact, my day of work has to end. I still have the technical rehearsal after the enrichment lessons to get through. Aargh!

My timetable for this term is quite nicely spaced out. The only hectic day I have is on Friday, where I have three back to back classes. Other than that, I must not complain as I know that I have colleagues who are quite badly off.

Ah well. I am looking forward to going home after this.

About yesterday’s run, it was refreshing. I felt free during the run and after. I think I know why I felt tired prior to that; I was planning my music lessons, staring at the laptop, sitting for some hours since after lunch, and wanting to nap but could not.

However, I was unable to fall asleep during the night. Again, I went to bed past midnight but I tossed and turned, and I was pretty sure I drifted off to unconscious about an hour later. Yes. Unconsciousness. I did not dream. It was just blackness. Only towards my waking time did random images flit through my mind. I could not remember what images those were but I was feeling as if I was not recharged enough.

For this semester, on top of my Music lessons, I am co-teaching Literature to the lower secondary classes. It will be my first time teaching Lit. and being on the other end of the spectrum. Feels interesting to be teaching and learning the subject.

Alright. I shall stop here and get the background work for the school’s talent competition done now, before rehearsal.

May I make this day and successful and productive work day.

Fight on! 😀


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