Going To Watch Despicable Me 2

I am now sitting here, alone, in a cinema, waiting for Despicable Me 2 to start. The film timing is 3:40pm and it is now 3:38pm. I cannot recall whether there are any trailers and such at Filmgarde’s cinemas but it is OK with me.

What is the occasion today? it is a Monday afternoon and on top of that, it is the Youth Day Holiday, which also means that the school kids are all over the island, enjoying themselves, shopping, going to the cinemas, and the teachers are either doing the same or else, like some of my colleagues, they are actually out of the country on their really-short vacation. Cool, eh?

Anyway, I am out by myself, having a Me Day. LOL! It is not my first time watching a film on my own, but it is my first watching with so many people around in the cinema!!! It is actually a novel experience. Who said that watching a film must be with someone? Of course, watching with another person will be less lonely as you have someone to laugh with and make comments to.

Anyway, the trailers started at exactly 3:40pm and it is now 3:52pm. The per-film thing is really wrong. I hope it is starting soon as I have been really looking forward to watching this after I found out that it will be out this year, and of course, after the Minion trailer.

3:54pm! It is starting!!!! Ta-da!!!!!

See ya later!



2 thoughts on “Going To Watch Despicable Me 2

  1. Totally agree. I’ve watched movies alone too. :)) and it can be quite therapeutic at times. Haha. Especially when I feel pretty down from work.

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