My First Cherry Tomato

While the rest of the world celebrates the birth of the new Prince George, I celebrate the first cherry tomato in my family’s garden.

The story goes that I received Cherry Tomato seeds from friends for Christmas last year and for my birthday this year. And being the non-green-finger that I am, I passed those seeds to my Dad, who is very much the farmer/gardener at home. So, he planted the seeds back in end of March and only now, four months later, I witnessed the first fruit! Yayyyy!

I feel even better in the knowledge that I saved those plants from being axed by my Dad a few days ago; there were aphids attacking some of the plants and he wanted to rid them all. But I told him to save the better ones, in hope that they would bear fruit. The only way I know of getting rid of aphids organically is to spray on the plants water that is mixed with used coffee powder, but we have no more coffee powder, only those instant and freeze-dried types. Anyway, I saw the first about-to-be ripened little fruit this morning, and there is another one growing on another plant. 🙂

Patience and Hope bring about Fruits of labour.



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