My First Nanoblock Grand Piano!

12:14am Finished!!!

A few lessons learnt along the way:

1. Patience. And lots of it. Making this tiny thing is not that easy as it seems, and the fact that the blocks are really tiny does not help. Especially when I was stuck at Step 4, breaking the pieces again when I could not get it right, like in the picture. (I was making the piano cover)
2. Alertness. When the pieces are that tiny, the chances of them rolling away, or even jumping away, from you are higher. So, it is always good to be alert where the blocks are. Better yet, do not spread them all over your floor or desk top while making the model but leave them in their packets, taking out the little pieces when you need them.
3. Responsibility. I do not like it when I lose my things. I feel irresponsible. So, when a tiny block jumped away from my fingers as I was fixing it, I had to quickly retrieve it before it rolled away further and then I could not find it again. Even though, yes, there are extra pieces in the packets.

I like building this Nanoblock. It gets me to concentrate, training my mind, eyes and hands. I should had bought more just now. LOL! Next time.





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