My Thoughts about a Poster

I saw this on FB and well, there were people who were complaining about the font, the design, and especially the layout, saying that they had to read in circles.

I personally feel that I could read it normally, and so I have no issues with it. Or maybe, it is because of my years of both student and then teacher that I can read it as plain as day. Well, perhaps it is due to I being adaptive. let me explain: as a student, I would often run out of space to write my notes and the few words left, hence I would have to find a bit more space on the writing line, and now as a teacher, I run out of space when I write comments on the students’ paper, and then having to find creative ways to write the last few words.

What do you think about the design?

Regarding the words, I cannot help but agree that books are really good companions, especially when one wants to have “Me” time; where it is all quiet and peaceful, no one to disturb as one gets lost in the pages of the story. It is a pity that not many youngsters these days even bother to pick up a book to read, instead, they waste their time on computer games, shopping, or just plain idling at the shopping centres with their like-minded friends. I believe a study have been conducted to link how reading affects the level of writing in a person, which will pretty much explain the low standard of our next generation’s language usage.

Just Read.



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