Something New at McDs here

Durian-flavoured McFlurry at McDonalds here in Singapore.

It is basically your ordinary McFlurry with Durian syrup topped with crunchy bits. Cost $2.80. I am not sure how much is the normal one, which goes to show how often I eat at McDs.

Taste alright, that is if you are all right with the taste of durian in the first place. 😉 But it is a bit too sweet for my liking.

I guess this and the Rendang burger are part of our National Day celebrations, which means these food items are for a limited time only. Oh yeah. It’s promotional name is The Singapura Feast.

FYI, National Day (our Independence Day) falls on 9th August, Friday this year, and Hari Raya Puasa on the day before, which very much leaves us all with a really long weekend!!! 4 days!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!




8 thoughts on “Something New at McDs here

    1. I also tried the rendang burger. My first bite of it although I’m sure it was out years ago. The sauce is a bit sweet.

      1. i think they are following burger king? 🙂 i love mcd for the breakfast and not so much the burgers. but i love the fries too!

        have a good long weekend!!

      2. Yeah, u r right. I forgot that BK also has the rendang burger. But McDs is clever in promoting this Singapura feast as a limited time only deal so that people like me will fall into its trap. :p

        Happy long weekend to u too, happy national day!!!!

      3. ooh we tried the beef rendang burger today and we didnt like it at all…the lemongrass taste is too strong.

        you too, happy long weekend!!

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