The Things I Do For A Friend

Making a birthday card for a friend so I have been practicing drawing this cartoon bear which she happens to like at the moment. The bear is called…

Wingcle Bear.

I know. When I first saw the words, I thought my other friend made a typo error. In fact, I thought it was ‘wrinkle bear’ or ‘uncle bear’. LOL!!! But no. It is Wingcle Bear. Don’t ask me why. It is a hit in South Korea now as it was featured in one of their newest dramas there.

This friend of mine has a tendency to go for new and interesting stuff. So, there you have it.

Wingcle Bear from South Korea.


By the way, the photo depicts my drawing/copying attempts of the original (which is the one in the centre).

I completed the card at 12:55am. It looks a bit kiddish but then again, this is a cartoonish character.




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