Thoughts on Speaking Like The Angmohnang

Do you have friends who when speaking to angmohnang, will start speaking with an angmohqiang? I do, and I was “privileged” to witness it and my word, it was hilarious!!!! I was holding in my laughter as the Best Friend was on the phone with her angmoh friend. Super hilarious!!!

If you are a Singaporean, or even a Malaysian, you will know what I am talking about.

Just writing about something I observed while I was out with the Best Friend last evening.

Anyway, by speaking, or attempting to speak, in the same accent as the audience is actually a natural thing to do. It is a psychological need to assimilate and be understood by the other party. I totally understand this because I, too, am sometimes guilty of doing it. The last time I spoke like a foreigner, in Mandarin, the other person, who was from northern China, said that I spoke really well, and at another time, I was told I spoke like a Taiwanese. As for speaking English, I hope I will not fall into the trap of assimilating an angmohnang and hence, speak with an angmohqiang. I guess the rebel in me just does not want to speak like the angmohnang. I personally feel it to be quite degrading, as in, I am a Singaporean and I am proud of it. As long as I speak clearly, pronounce clearly, avoid my ‘lahs’, ‘lors’, ‘meh’, code switch appropriately and basically, I can be understood, that is all that matters. There is no need to speak like them in order to be understood.

But what made it funny was actually hearing my friend, whom I have known for all these 10 over years, speaking like the Caucasian, with an American accent. It was, in a way, like watching an amusing show, and also, because I have never heard her spoken like that.

Amusing. Heh. 😉


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