My Long Weekend

So, it is the day back to work after our awesome long weekend.

Like, aww…

Our long weekend started on last Thursday till Sunday. It was half-day on Wednesday where we celebrated National Day, then Thursday came and it was Hari Raya Puasa where Muslims celebrated the end of fasting. Then on Friday, we celebrated National Day! Our two public holidays were prelude to our weekend.

So for the four days, many people were out of not-so-sunny Singapore, mostly traveling to Malaysia or elsewhere in the region. For my Muslim friends and colleagues, they spent the time visiting their relatives and friends or else relatives and friends came to visit them at home. We call this ‘open house’ when the home is open up to friends.

As for myself, my long weekend started on Wednesday, after the school celebrations. I went out for lunch with my NAFA buddies at Golden Mile Hawker Centre. The main purpose was to actually give them the goodies three of us bought in Manila back in June. Haha! Anyway, food there was like the standard variety you can get elsewhere except that, there is this stall that sells really good Char Kway Teow. Sadly, I did not get that as I wanted to eat Loh Beehoon instead. Anyway, after that, I went down to the National Library, at Victoria Street, and got a cup of tea and apple pie at the cafe there to accompany me while I got started on my assignment. I do not know whether it was the lunch or the morning’s events but I was most certainly sleepy about an hour into my work. So I nodded off for a bit. Thankfully, the cafe was quite safe and anyway, who would want to steal my lecture notes and assignment question paper? LOL! Truth be told, I was actually there to while away some time while waiting for the Best Friend to be done with work. The poor girl did not have a half day despite it being the eve of a public holiday, so she had to stay in office till 6pm even though she had already finished her assigned workload.

We met for dinner at the nearby Raffles City, and surprisingly, my senior from NAFA was also having dinner there with his friend. He was back home for his vacation before going back to school in Amsterdam. Singapore is really small! Haha! So, Best Friend and I went off to Insomnia, again. It was quite crowded that night, as compared to the previous time I was there. Maybe it was due to the public holiday on the morrow. Either way, it was more packed and getting our drinks was a challenge. Not only that, I totally understand how the Hobbits and Dwarves felt when they were among Men and Elves, and that was what I felt while I was getting my drink. Either side of me were really tall Caucasian guys who were figuratively fighting to get the attention of the bartenders. And I was quietly fighting my way through because, those guys were not real gentlemen. Inspite of my short height, I had to prevent them from cutting my imagined queue. It took me almost 10 minutes just to get myself a bottle of beer (could not be bothered to think of other drinks). Music was more rock that night. The crowd got more hyped up at only about 11pm, after the live band came back on stage from their break. I was totally yawning my head off on my way home at slightly before midnight.


I went out on Hari Raya Puasa with my group of girlfriends back from Secondary School days to celebrate one of their birthday. We went out to play Wii and XBox at Play Nation at *Scape, which is located next to Cineleisure. Rather, I joined them there after I was done with a luncheon. Played until 6pm before we walked to 313 for dinner. Dinner was at Dolce Tokyo which was quite alright. We easily spent almost 3 hours having dinner and talking, basically spending time together, and maybe we were a bit of a nuisance there. LOL!

So what did I do on my nation’s birthday, other than waking up late? Well, I went out with my mum to IKEA, had lunch there, which was really crowded, and then walked around where I picked up just two items. Then we went next door to Courts Megastore to look at some new television sets and refrigerators. By the time we got back, it was just enough time to shower and have dinner before sitting down to watch the National Day Parade on the telly. It was a pity I could not see the fireworks from my home, just some of the lighted smoke coming from the general direction of the Floating Platform. So that was very much how I spent my National Day.

Back to work and it feels… (Fill in the blank)…

I have another assignment due this coming Thursday and the thought of dealing with Grammar makes me cringe. Yup. I took up a module on English Grammar, thinking that it will be easy as I did something like this about two years ago, but no, I was so wrong. Just sitting there during lectures was enough to give me a headache.

Right. I shall attempt that dreaded thing.





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