Life As I Live It (Part 1)

Hello hello!!! My humblest apologies for being away for such a loooonnnnnnngggggg time.

Right. So here I go with my quite “happening” life. Haha!

It is now the start of our week-long term break which actually began with the Teachers’ Day celebrations on Thursday (5 Sept.). However, the week prior to that was a total prelude to this break.

It started on the 29th August, also a Thursday, when I and a colleague, T, went to watch “The Phantom of the Opera”. Like, whoots!!! It was performing in Singapore for almost a month, but was actually scheduled for only 3 weeks. Thanks to high demand, it was extended till 1st Sept. instead. The musical and effects were spectacular. I really love the underground water scene (the part where OG was steering the boat with Christine on it). It was so realistic. T and I wanted to get seats in the centre but most unfortunately, it was full, so we had to take the next best. My only grouse was that Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Theatre has really sad seating alignment. The seats are directly behind each other! That means that if you are seated behind someone who is much taller than you, then all the best at trying to watch the performance. I too was seated behind someone who was taller but thankfully, that person sat quite still throughout and so I could lean to my left and watch the show. Imagine those kind of people who cannot sit still, is taller than you and is directly in front of you!!! Oh my gosh…
(Just a tip: if you are watching a show at MBS Theatre and you drive, you can get complimentary parking. But of course, read up on their website regarding the parking thing.)

The next day was the Teachers’ Day concert rehearsal in School. As the students were moving the drumkit, a loose one dropped onto my right foot and well, I still feel some of the pain even now, a week later. Anyway, to round up my work week was a nice simple dinner and evening out with the Best Friend. We had dinner at ‘Ambush’, located on the 4th floor of the new Plaza Singapura annex building, which serves famous European dishes. After that, we wanted to take a look at the Singapore Night Festival that was happening in the Bras Basah area but most people had the same idea as us; the performing venues were packed. Hence the two of us just had a nice stroll down the road to Victoria Street where we would take a bus home. We had a stop at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) along the way and had a look at some kind of light-show happening on the facade [see photo]. That could had ended our evening but the greedy girls that we were ended up at TCC Bugis Junction for desserts instead. LOL! By the time we were done, it was already close to midnight. Haha!!!

The weekend was spent somewhat differently from my other usual weekends. On Saturday, 31st, I brought two students out to our F1 GP Singapore Behind-the-Scenes Tour. Since I had an extra ticket, as two other students had to back out at the last hour, I asked T to join us and thank goodness she could. It would be quite sad if no one wanted the remaining tickets. Anyway, we were allowed onto the Tarmac of the F1 Nightrace and, take my word for it especially since it is coming from a non-F1-fan, it was actually pretty cool. The areas we went to would be closed for security purposes during the actual race but since they were still setting up, we could take all the photos we wantd without paying a cent. >.< Haha!! We stood at the first turn, where the Grandstand is, we went through the currently-empty garages, we stood outside the race teams' VIP lounges, which were very much like little cottages, and even entered the Race Control Room, the heart of the operations where the Big Boss of F1 would make his decisions regarding penalties during the race. I found the Race Control Room to be the coolest of the lot, but that is without the uber coolness of the cars in the garages. After the tour, the organizers hosted us to a small meal and when we left, they gave us each some F1 Singapore souvenirs. Our two students were quite excited and were on their best behaviour. Being the adults, T and I walk with them to the MRT station before we all went our separate ways. The two boys headed home while we two went window-shopping and headed back to MBS just to take photos of the "Phantom of the Opera" advertisement which we did not get to do so the other night as it was really crowded. And that was my Saturday evening.

Sunday was a little less exciting affair. After my usual Sunday "jobs" i.e. going to Mass and teaching Piano at my students' home, I went out to do a little shopping for Teachers' Day. The original plan was to find a place and mark those Lit. assignments before meeting my Band students at the Esplanade Concert Hall for the West Winds Community Band Concert. However, I easily spent about an hour at Popular Bookstore getting items and browsing books. Time passes so quickly when one is having fun. Soon I had to make my way to the concert hall and wait for the kids. The concert itself was good, and the conductor was so obliging to give five encore pieces, such that I was actually feeling anxious for it to end, which was actually very rare of me to do so. By the time it ended, it was about half an hour after the scheduled ending time. After that, MJ, my other Band colleague who also accompanied the students, and I went for dinner. As for the students, most of them went for dinner together, most probably at one of the fast food restaurants.

And that was the first part of a good week. 😉





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