Phuket Day 2

Hip hip hooray!!!

It is a sunny day today!!! The rain was held at bay for a few hours in the morning, but when it rained, thankfully, it was for about an hour, and during that time, we were in a sheltered area, buying/bargaining with the stall keeper.

Anyway, we went back to Jungceylon Shopping Centre by using the hotel’s free shuttle service. It went by the other way, along the road running parallel with Patong Beach so of course, we knew where the famous beach was and also, we learnt about the infamous Bangla Road.

So, we walked from the shopping centre and crossed the road to the Baan Saan Fresh Market where one can buy fresh seafood from the market stalls downstairs and get the cooks at the hawker stalls at the second floor to cook for you!

After that, we walked down the roads, looking for Bangla Road and looking to buy those “I ❤ Phuket" tees or singlets at the same time. That was when it started to rain. Haha! We were in the shelter then, with J bargaining with a stall keeper at that moment.

Next stop was Bangla Road. It looks quite sedated during the day but when we came back at night, it was totally … wild. Anyway, during the day, it seemed quite safe and normal. We went to The Pizza Company for lunch. It is located along the strip. The pizzas were not bad! I recommend the Tom Yum creamy pizza. You can’t get it anywhere else except in Thailand. We had another pizza and a side dish of 6-piece BBQ chicken wings. Wow! We were so full after that and refillable Iced Lemon Tea that we had to ask the waiter to pack up the remaining slices of pizza for us.

For a bit of dessert, (yes! We girls will always have space for some sweets after a meal) we shares a plate of banana and chocolate crepe. It is called pancake here, made freshly on the spot. 😀

We walked down to the beach and took some photos there. The wind was blowing strong hence the seas were rough and the waves were high. We saw some people trying to swim despite the red flag being put out. We left after a while, heading back to our hotel in the hope of stopping for a spa session.

And so we walked, and walked, back the way the shuttle bus brought us there. We were looking for the spa So Thai Spa, rated one of the best in Phuket by Tripadvisor. We were a bit lost but we were sure we were in the right area, but anyway, we asked a local for help. It turned out that we missed the place as it was located inside one of the newly built-up area and we walked passed it without noticing. We had about 2 hours left for a spa session as we had already booked the Simon Cabaret show in the evening. T did the Relaxation package (Baht 1500) while I did the Traditional package (Baht 1300). J went to have a pedicure and cleaning at another shop nearby, and then she also had a massage there. It was a good massage for me; I fell asleep. Lol!!!

When it ended, we had just enough time to walk back to our hotel (which wasn’t too far), get ready for the cabaret show and wait for the driver to pick us up.

The Simon Cabaret was quite alright. The costumes and props were definitely Broadway worthy. Even the “ladies” were really pretty with awesomely toned legs. The only let down was that some of the performers did not show enough expression on their faces. T and I felt that they were quite mechanical. 😦

We asked our driver, who came to pick us up for the show, to drop us off at Bangla Road, again. This time, we wanted to see how different it was, and it was very different at night. The pubs and bars were alive, there were ladies dancing on tables and at the poles. I even saw some ladies dancing in like little see through windows. It was really a O.o moment.

We walked back to our hotel room again after all the Bangla Road hype.

Basically, we walked quite a distance today. Thank God for giving a good weather.















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