I Hate Perception

‘Perception’ is such a nasty word.

I experienced it firsthand from the people in my workplace, and ironically, it is from people who are supposed to be teaching the students the meaning of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

There is a story behind every picture. Basically, what you see is the not whole truth. If you see a person closing his/her eyes, seemingly having a nap, you may think that he/she is dozing on the job! But what you don’t know is that that person may be having a huge headache but because he/she has so much work to clear, lessons to plan, and assignments to mark that he/she is unable to take sick leave!

I learnt during a course in Communications that Perception requires one to have empathy. It is not all about what you see and hear. In my own words, that is just the surface. It is about understanding the picture.

We are all humans. We make mistakes. No one is perfect. So cut us some slack, will you.


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