Day 18: just a thought

This is Day 18 (10 Dec. 2013) since I have arrived in the USA. Today is also the day that South Africa held a memorial service for Mr. Nelson Mendela. To me, I only know him as the man who rose up against white power so that his people would all be treated equally and have equal opportunities, no matter their colour of their skin or language.

RIP Mr. Mendela. You had been and will always be an inspiration to present and future generations.


It snowed early on last Saturday here in Park Sierra, Coarsegold, which is about 2000 feet above sea level. I was asleep when I heard thumps on the roof and around me. For a moment I was wondering whether there were some strange people walking around outside in the cold so early in the morning, and then I fell asleep again. Lol! When I woke up in the morning, with the sun up, I wasn’t very surprised to find the ground and surroundings blanketed in white. That explains a lot. I watched on the morning news that even in Fresno, the city closest to here, they had snow too! For most of the inhabitants, it was their first time seeing snow.

After that day of snow, we didn’t have any more. The sun had been quite strong these past few days, melting away the snow in places where her rays could shine on. It is quite Christmas-card pretty to drive past houses where the snow is still covering their roofs. Also, because of the strong sun, it feels a little bit like Spring; patches of green peeking out from swaths of brown and white.

On that same Saturday, the park’s club had a little Christmas Tree-trimming & Dinner. Like the Thanksgiving dinner, it was mainly potluck but the organizing provided the Egg-nog for the occasion. (They provided Turkey, gravy, and mash for the previous Thanksgiving.) it was my first time having Egg-nog. To me, it tasted more like alcoholic spiced milk-cream. For the Tree-trimming, it was fun watching everybody present putting up a decoration each on the tree. The people here are really like a huge family, helping each other out in order to get things done.

Tomorrow will be the Cookie Exchange where the community here at Park Sierra will give cookies they had baked to the people outside the park, like the neighbourhood police and the medical service, or partner services. Also, it will be a busy day as we will be doing our laundry and packing up for our trip down to L.A , which will take place on Thursday. Another exciting leg of our trip.






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