Saint Valentine’s Day: What is it really to us?

I am not sure if you do know, but St. Valentine’s Day is the day Catholics commemorate a saint from the 3rd century who was captured and killed by the Roman soldiers for apparently marrying Christian couples.

Like many other Christian holy days, St. Valentine’s Day is now another day for money making endeavours. Do we need a day once a year to express our love and affection to our loved ones? If one loves his/her partner, should it not be everydaythat is like a Valentine’s day instead??

Like how Christmas is now all about Santa Clause and presents, Valentine’s Day is now about roses and cute little bears sold at exorbitant prices. Just a simple single rose now cost SG$5, instead of a dollar plus at the market on non-Valentine’s day. What is it with people and giving in to commercialism???

From a single and unattached woman’s point of view, paying so much money on some Valentine’s Day themed dinner is a whole waste of money. If he really wants to do something special, a good and non-fancy meal at home is good enough. The money saved can be used another day when he does not want to eat in.

Of course, for the attached woman, it may be about status if your man brings you to some fancy restaurant especially for Valentine’s Day dinner. It is even more special if you are not expecting it. But really, would you rather have this money spent on this dinner than on, let us say, a new pair of shoes you are eyeing??? Then again, if he brings you to some highly impossible-to-reserve restaurant, it is indeed something to squeal about. But it is also something to squeal about if he brings you to a prettily decorated cafe simply because he knows you like the place but he would not normally go to. However, if he can set up a really pretty place at home ie put some effort and decorate the place himself, I am sure you would appreciate it all the same.

My kind of Valentine’s, as already mentioned, as long as he works hard at it, it is the effort that counts, not some fancy restaurant. Even a hawker centre meal is fine. Lol! Of course I am still a girl, so I would not mind if he goes out of his (comfort) zone and bring me to this place. It is so pretty!!!


Yes yes. I am so full of contradictions.

So, how would you spend your Valentine’s Day? At a fancy restaurant, or at home, with real effort put in to making dinner?

N.B: ‘Holiday’ is from ‘holy day’ simply because in olden times, the only break people had other then Sundays were on feast days, or holy days.


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