Post St. V Day

In the spirit of refusing to give in to commercialism, and also because I do not have that special ‘him’ to spend time with, it was a comfortable evening for the Best Friend and I.

After our part-time degree lessons, we went to chill at a nondescript local pub. It was a night for two single, and available, ladies to just drink beer and chat, with some finger food for munching.

Sadly, our peace was disturb by this group of really young and rowdy adults who drank beer like drinking water and had to sit next to us when they could had gone to sit at the back since some of them wanted to play billiards. What a bummer. -.- We were out of the door by midnight.

Even though we spent a short while of almost two hours, yes, it is short, we managed to cover some topics that we wanted to talk about from days ago.

Valentine’s Day is not only about spending time with one’s lover, but also with people whom you love. So, I spent my Valentine’s Day with my Best Friend who is also like a sister to me.

And so, to those who have yet to or are in the midst of spending Valentine’s Day, do not forget those others who you love and/or those who love you back; Mum, Dad, Bro, Sis, Gran, Gramps, Best Friend, etc.

Have a good night!


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