What irks me currently are two things.

1. People who dresses so nicely but have no basic manners. Over here in Singapore, there are some people who takes very good care of their looks but have zero manners. They look smart in their work shirts and pressed tapered pants, or prettily dolled with dress and heels, but when they are on the trains, their beautiful exterior does not show in their behaviour. Many ordinary people in Singapore, like in many other cities, rely heavily on the public transport system to get them around, especially to and fro work. Because of this, the trains are often packed, and sometimes, the trains will make slight stops during the journey. When the train jerks, passengers standing will naturally try to keep their balance by taking another step, however, there are some of these said people who literally step on others’ toes but do not apologise. What is the purpose of dressing beautifully when your manners are not beautiful at all?! And then there is another group, or maybe the same, who do not know how to give up their seats to those more in need of them, instead, they will pretend not to see or be asleep. Deplorable.

However, do not worry, those are just a minority. Then again, it is this group of rotten apples that gives the country a bad name.

2. If you live near a school, you should be prepared for sounds, especially those which have Display/Marching Band as Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). When it is competition season, these groups will be practicing out in their fields. Where else can the students practice? Indoors, which is totally not feasible due to the sound amplification which gives off a wrong sensing of the music to the students??? When one buys a home, he/she should seriously do some proper research, such as if there is a school next door, what are their CCAs like, and maybe the profile of their students. If one thinks that he/she can live near or even next door to a school, then he/she should not be complaining about the music, which he/she termed as ‘noise’, that the Band is making. The students have been working very hard on perfecting their moves and music, so to call their music making as ‘noise’ and so rudely shout over the fence, “Go home, go home!”, it is quite ridiculous. So, moral of the story, do proper research when buying a home.

I am ashamed to say that these kind of people do live in my country.


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