Virgin Online Shopping Spree

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are well. 🙂

Well, it is the mid-year examination period for most schools here in Singapore, and my colleagues are in the throes of marking the scripts. As for me, I have already done my share of the marking, however, I have to prepare for my University exams, which is coming up in less than a week’s time.

Anyway, my blog today is not about marking and examinations. It is about online shopping. Lol!

So, I did my first online shopping just less than half an hour ago. Yay! Big deal, so you may say, and technically, it is not my first time, so yeah, i am not exactly a noob. But, but, but… I am quite new at the experience of “almost-random” shopping online. Sure, I have bought my flight tickets online, and of course, to go with those tickets, my holiday accommodation. And I have also bought tickets to musicals and shows online, and also, this iPad that i am currently typing on. But the feeling of buying almost-random stuff online is … Hmmm… Exhilarating?? It was like on a shopping spree, not that I have never done that in real life. I was a bit scared that I would end up buying things that I will not really need, so I really thought it through about those items I was adding to my cart. (That is why I used the term “almost-random” stuff.) I was really good, keeping my limit to just $100, and with the “welcome” voucher, I got $10 off. 🙂

I think I can understand how some people can end up in debts due to shopping online. Just click on the items you like and worry about the bill later. The sky is the limit! Figuratively. However, you and I know that we can set our own limits which is most unfortunate that sometimes we do not. This becomes a “you reap what you sow” situation. In the end, shopping or buying is a simple matter of Self-restrain.

So, what did I buy? I bought items from this shop “Hipvan”. It is based in Singapore, so I do not have to really worry how long the items will take to reach me. What got me interested in their items was actually a ‘scratch-out world map’ which you basically scratch out the foil of a country to uncover the colour after you have visited it, like a wall atlas where you thumb-tack those places you had been to. Most unfortunately, that was sold out. It must have been a really hot favourite. Anyway, I bought for my mum a cork-thermal teapot, and really useful nicknacks for myself, such as a Remora iPhone case which allows you to store 2 credit-card-size cards in the case. I can use it for storing my driving licence and bus card when I am in a real hurry, instead of finding and using a clutch or some other bag. And two bracelets from Indonesia, and a set of wooden drinks coasters from Spain. That is about it. I think… Haha!

So, let us just see when will those items get to me, considering that I bought them today, on a Saturday. Maybe Monday or Tuesday?


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