Flying Off Again

It’s the half year mark! Or so I tell myself. But that is beside the point.

So, I am treating myself to a vacation of learning ie. eating, sight-seeing, and yes, let us not delude ourselves, shopping. So, where am I heading to this time ’round, you ask?

It is a country where I am barely able to speak the language without the help of a guide book. It is a land where I have been in transit for a few hours whenever I was off or back from the USA. It is the land that had gotten many whale lovers up in arms, or almost. It is the land where the parks and streets are beautifully carpeted by whites and pinks floating gracefully down from the trees during Spring. So, have you guessed correctly?

Well, I am leaving sunny ole’ Singapore in a few hours time and will not be back till about 2 weeks later. Cool, eh? But it seems like the weather there has been on the grey side these past one week. Oh well, keeping my fingers cross, and of course, toes dry too.

Till the next post, Bon voyage to you who is travelling too!

Hope I will get to the hotel ok tomorrow morning…


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