Where I Am Now: Day 1 (25 Nov. 2014)

So, do I hav any guesses where I am now??


It is ok if you do not know. It is plain freaky if you do. 😛

I am now in…



Yup. Back again so soon after less than half a year. I can hear you say that I am having some kind of Japanese mania. Haha!

Not exactly. Simply because the Mother wants to come here.

Anyway, the journey from KL to Narita was about 6-1/2 hours. Not too bad but thanks to watching Godzilla on InFlight entertainment, I only had about 2 hours sleep, so do pardon me if I happen to make any writing mistakes.

Prior to this trip, I was somewhat apprehensive about the transport fees in Tokyo area, especially for the fare coming out of Narita Airport, as I had read up on so many different accounts regarding this topic that I got confused. So, if it is your first time in Tokyo, like me, and you are feeling confused about all the different tickets for the different subway lines and their parent companies, here is a Tip: get a SUICA card. It is a tap-in-tap-out stored value transport card accepted on mostly all buses and trains on Honshu island. Like the Oyster transport card in England and Hongkong, or the EZLink in Singapore. You can always add on the value of it at the JR stations self-help machines. Cash accepted. Do note that there is a 500¥ refundable deposit. Of course, this is quite good for those staying more than a week, and would be traveling all around.

So, I got the SUICA card and got myself to Shin-Urayasu in Chiba. The fare was about 1000+¥. I was actually expecting more, like in the 2000¥ thereabout. Then again, I was not going into Tokyo City, just on the fringe near a happy kingdom.. I will go into the Big City a few days later.

So, where am I staying? I found a place near by the happy kingdom, about 3km away, according to Google maps. MyStays Shin-Urayasu Hotel is a business hotel in the area adjacent to Meikai University (明海大學). It is about 20mins walk, that is if you do not get lost like me, from JR Shin-Urayasu station, which is also conveniently next door to the shopping centre Daiei which houses a food court, supermarket chain Aeon, clinics, pharmacies, and other shops.

The hotel itself is not too bad. The rooms are small but comfortable. The price is fair. There are extra amenities available for free in the lobby- items such as facial cleanser, body moisturizer, hair brush, shaving razors, and cotton buds. The mandatory shampoo, body wash/soap, and toothbrush set is provided in the bathroom. So are drinking cups and Japanese tea. A mini bar fridge and hair dryer are free to use too. Wifi is also free and best of all, going really strong.

Other than the supermarket near the railway station, there is also a 7-11 supermarket in the area. That is only done if you explore, which my Mum and I did after checking in. It is located on the other side of the university.

Enough for now. More interesting stuff tomorrow on The Happy Kingdom, provided it will not rain. I am crossing my fingers!








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