Day 3: 27 Nov 2014, Thursday

As mentioned in the previous post, MyStays hotels provide a free shuttle service to the train stations and to the Disney Resorts and Amusement Park. Well, we took the shuttle bus to Maihama station and moved on to our next destination: Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo.

The weather was beautiful. Hence, when we got to Maihama Station, which is just next door to the Disney station, there were crowds heading to Disney resorts. There are good and bad to this situation: good – it’s a sunny day to enjoy the entire park, bad – super long queues for the main rides!!! So, yeah, it was a blessing in disguise that it was super cold when I went to play yesterday. LOL!

So, we moved on to Asakusa in Taito City, just a stone throw away from Tokyo. This area is best known for the Kaminarimon and Tokyo SkyTree. We went to both places during the day. Actually, we saw Tokyo SkyTree from a distance. Lol! But yes, we did see Kaminarimon and the temple which is free to public.

What a wet and cold day…

Do not forget your brollies and wellies! Not that it rains everyday here. I trust Yahoo weather on my iPhone. It has been mostly accurate, where Japan is concerned though. Haha!

So, our first day in Tokyo has been pretty … Boring. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!








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