Days 4 to 8 (till 2 Dec 2014): Tokyo Arc

If you have watched or read the manga/anime Bleach, you will get the title for this post. Lol!

Anyways… There is so much to do here in tokyo!!! OMG. I need more time! But this becomes a good excuse to revisit this city 😉

So, what have I done here? (Highlights of this trip in Tokyo) I have been to Ghibli Museum to admire and marvel at the amazing stuff they did and put into their many amazing animated works. Tip: tickets need to be bought in advance . Try Voyagin concierge (online) to do the booking for you.

I have gone up the famed Tokyo Tower. Tip: ¥900 per adult entry, only up to the 150m platform, another ¥700 to reach the next 250m. Ticket to the next level can only be bought at the first platform.

And admired the new Tokyo SkyTree from afar, during the day and night.

Discovered Kappabashi in Asakusa. Anything you need to set up a restaurant, you can find it all here. From local crockery to fine China like Wedgwood.

Been to Ginza, crossed Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing and took a selfie with Hachiko, walked from Shibuya all the way to Shinjuku, passing Harajuku along the way, and had also spent a bit of time at Roppongi Hills.

Walked the Imperial Palace gardens and admired the beautiful autumn colours, and went inside the historic Tokyo Station building.

Ate at Tsukiji market (fresh seafood on top of rice and also freshly cooked Japanese-style thick omelette), had Pepper Lunch steak (juicy and affordable beef), had the conveyor belt sushi, had Japanese-Chinese food like soup noodles and gyoza, and even a really delicious hamburger steak in Shinjuku. Basically, there is still so many more things I have yet to finish exploring here! This calls for another trip next time. Haha!

Moving on to the next city tomorrow. Hint: it is not very far from Tokyo. About an hour out. And its Chinatown is famous too.


IMG_5743.JPGIMG_5712.JPG IMG_5681.JPG IMG_5734.JPG  IMG_5747.JPG  IMG_5768.JPG IMG_5770-0.JPG IMG_5773.JPG IMG_5772.JPG IMG_5838.JPG



IMG_5851.JPG IMG_5848.JPG IMG_5856.JPG  IMG_5897.JPG IMG_5884.JPG IMG_5915.JPG   IMG_5946.JPG  IMG_5947.JPG



IMG_5975.JPGIMG_5976.JPG IMG_5977.JPG


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