Days 10-12 (4-6 Dec 2014): Kamakura

So, after Yokohama, it was onwards to Kamakura, which is about 1 hour out of Yokohama City. We took the local trains and then a bus from Kamakura station to our accommodation.

Our accommodation is located in a quiet little village/town(?) and we had to get a bus to this place. Just follow the map and directions stated on their website and you will get there. Also, do ask the bus driver if in doubt. Get the Enoden bus from bus bay 1 at Kamakura Station. The bus stop nearest to the guesthouse is about 5 stops after Daibotsu stop, in an area that has many car showrooms, or 12 bus stops from the Station. Anyway, Kamakura Guesthouse is a traditional house and only offer dorm rooms (max. 12 people) for the different genders and just one private room. Sadly, there is only one shower available in this place, but do not let that stop you from staying here.

What I really like about Kamakura Guesthouse despite it being quite far away from the Station and nothing really exciting happening in the evening there, but there is an attached bar and restaurant next door, is the warmth (literally) from the hearth as the guests sit around in the common room to chat and eat roasted sweet potatoes provided by the guesthouse. It is really comforting to just sit there and enjoy the heat from the charcoals and talk with the staff and other guests. Quite a different experience from other hostels and guesthouses I have been in.

After visiting the Daibotsu, do walk around the Main Street near there. There are lots of shops selling interesting stuff, and also, local ice cream or soft cream with yummy and interesting flavours, like the purple sweet potato and matcha flavours. Or, follow the road down to Hase station, walk a little bit more and you will find yourself at Yuigahama Beach where you can find really fine black sand.

At Kamakura Station, there are a few interesting shops and temples around so do check out the Tourist Information and Map or just wander around the areas surrounding the station.

I find Kamakura a lovely place to get away to, far from the crowds and just relax.

And now, time for photos!










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