Days 12-14 (6-8 Dec. 2014): Kawaguchi-ko

From Kamakura in Yokohama, we traveled by local rail to catch our bus at Gotemba station in order to reach our next station: Kawaguchi-ko.

The bus ride there was a local one, costing us ¥1510 per person one-way and it took about 1:20hrs to reach the lake’s station. Long way…

Kawaguchi-ko, or Lake Kawaguchi, is located on the northern side and is a town-city very very near to the famous Mt. Fuji. It is also one of the famous five mountain lakes in the area. So, when you get to Kawaguchi-ko Station, do cross the road outside the station and take a look at the famous snow-peaked volcano as it seems to loom from behind the station.

Tip:There is the local sight-seeing bus. ¥1200 for a 2-day pass per adult. There are 2 scenic lines you can choose: the red or green. One of each goes round each of the nearby lakes; Kawaguchi-ko and Sai-ko. So, most tourists would explore one side on the first day and then the other on the second day. I did both on one day as I did not know about it until the second day I was there. The tickets can be bought from the bus driver of either bus. The queue starts at just outside the train station.

Tip: So I got myself accommodation at K’s House Mt. Fuji for the 2 nights I was there. The hostel itself was a bit far to walk from the station, though the directions given were quite straight forward, and what with luggage, it was more than the estimated 10 minutes of walking time to the destination. However, it’s location is quite convenient to the supermarket and eating-places, and also, a superb view of the volcano from the main road, behind the supermarket.

Kawaguchi-ko is also just around the corner. Amenities and facilities in the hostel is quite accommodating. There is also a shuttle service to the station upon check-out. And you could get them to pick you up from the station if you do call them. There is a public telephone in the station. (Didn’t know about that earlier on… Bleagh)

If you are the kind to want to cook your own meals, then you will find the common kitchen at the hostel quite decent; large enough space and equipped for light cooking with crockery and utensils provided. Coffee and tea is provided FOC. There is also a dining room in both Japanese and Western style next to the kitchen. Showers and toilets are located at the end of each floor, except the first which only has toilets.

Tip: If you travel by Shinkansen, you can get off at Mishima station and get a direct bus to Kawaguchi-ko. For the return journey, you can buy your bus ticket at the station. That was how I got down from the mountain. 🙂

OK. Photos now.












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