Days 14-16 (8-10 Dec. 2014): Nagoya

From Kawaguchi-ko Station, we took an express bus down to Mishima Station where we took a Shinkansen to Nagoya.

We left at 11:15am by bus, and reached Nagoya Station at 3:30pm. Wow… What a long journey, but I got a nice view of Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen until we left Shizuoka, and the mountain was lost in sight.

So, anyway, about Nagoya. We stayed at Hotel MyStays Nagoya Sakae. Yes, another MyStays hotel. This time round, the room was a little bit small but still as comfortable as the other one in Chiba. This hotel is not very near the subway Sakae station. It took us about 20 to 30 minutes to walk there. There is a direct bus from the station to a main road nearest the hotel, about 5 minutes walk across the roads. We did not know that until we were preparing to leave that we discover the bus stop to Nagoya Station.

Tip: Do scout around your hotel’s or accommodation’s area for the local buses to the main train station. Helps a lot.

What did we do in Nagoya? We visited the Nagoya Castle, saw the Nagoya TV Station Tower which I dubbed it the Tour Eiffel d’Nagoya simply because of the avenue leading up to the tower which reminded me of the original Parisian tower. Went to a housing district which preserves the old houses and gates. It is quite a lovely place there, just wandering around the quite weekday neighbourhood and admiring the old architecture. We found two Catholic Churches there; one is the cathedral and the other is quite like a chapel. Both buildings are just as old, established about a century ago. And that was how we spent 1 full day in Nagoya. Thank God it was not raining. Lovely blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

And now for some photos. 🙂












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