Me, myself, and I, in Japan

My friend complained that my blog is very impersonalised as I did not include any photos of myself from my trip in Japan. Hahahaha! 😀 So, I shall dedicate this post to her, Tengku H.


Driving my new antique car in Disney Sea. And yeah, it was drizzling.


Let’s all star singing… “Totoro, Totoro! Totoro, Totoro!” At Ghibli Museum.

IMG_5882 IMG_5897

Up the Tokyo Tower and looking down and around.


Roppongi Hills with a giant spider.

IMG_5811 IMG_5812

Of course we did not see these beautiful Sakuras in spring. These are Autumn/Winter Sakura, blooming wonderfully in the Imperial Palace Garden of Tokyo.


Hachiko and I.


A selfie with Mt. Fuji! 🙂


The royal cat and me in Nagoya Castle.


The Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto.


Last stop: Osaka Castle.


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