Day 2 (11 June 2015): Oxford

A beautiful day began and we got ourselves on the train to the university town of…


I did not really think of visiting the famous town until J mentioned to me that it is only about 30mins ride there by train.

So, we went to the town that helped shaped and/or inspired many notable writers whose works are so well-read and well-loved by many all over the world.


Brilliantly sunny weather!!! Sweet! May it last for as long as possible.


Taking the train there.


I must thank J for being my personal tour guide in this excursion, for bringing me (nearly) all over Oxford, seeing the sights, oohing at the marvels, ahhing at the rich heritage, feasting, running for the few precious minutes before closing time, and sharing a love for the literary world. (J herself is getting her PhD in English Literature. Sadly, not in Oxford.)

So, here are the photos and with snippets thrown in. Enjoy.

Street performers are usual. But this is interesting. He was playing the violin while walking on the rope.

There was a bloody clash between the students and town folks a long long time ago infront of this clock.


Lincoln College green. Looks like a chessboard .


Museum of History and Science where we see Einstein’s famous blackboard.


They, the museum, framed up this blackboard. It is pretty much their pride and joy.

A telegraph .

Globe, not of this world, but of the stars.


The interior of the Bodelian Library is where they filmed the setting for the hospital wing in the Harry Potter films.

The Oxford Bridge of Sighs. I wonder why.


The first Blackwell bookshop. And it is expansive. Check out the basement floor.


(The basement)


Very expensive books in this glass case.



A Blackwell staff recommended us to check out the exhibition next door. And so we did.

            Went to The Eagle and Child for lunch and we were surrounded by the memories of the Inklings of Oxford. 😉 

           Wonderful ale-battered fish and chips.    

     The Bodelian Library
  The Radcliffe Camera is said to be linked to the Bodelian Library by an underground passage.

  So many building and colleges that I do not know which is which and what is what, just that they are all so impressive.


St Mary’s Passage has a very exciting surprise for those who has read or at least watched The Chronicles of Narnia. I will leave this photo of me about to turn the door knob as a clue.   

 A single lantern in the middle of nowhere. 😉

Next stop, to follow a white rabbit.   
What is the time now, Mr. Rabbit?   Christ Church’s connection with Lewis Carroll and the young Alice.

Sitting under the tree, waiting for a rabbit to run past. 

The Botanical Gardens. We now know where Lewis Carroll got his inspiration for the Queen of Hearts garden scene. Look at all those roses! Some are as big as my hand! Or even bigger.


We managed to make it to the Natural History Museum 10 minutes before closing time. It was a lot of speed walking from the Botanical Gardens, but we made it. Phew! 

All for seeing a little bird. Or what is left of it.




The Oxford Dodo. Not surprised where Lewis Carroll got his idea for the Dodo in his book.

  I will leave you now as I follow this trail of dinosaur tracks to more adventures. 😉


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