Days 4-5 (13-14 June 2015): Royal Leamington Spa

The weekend. 

A very quiet and domesticated one.

There was the Leamington Peace Festival happening over the weekend. J and I happened to see the first tent being set up on the grounds on Thursday evening while walking home from the train station. 

While J had to go to London on Saturday for something, I took my time to explore a littl bit more of Royal Leamington Spa. I went to the shops in the Upper Parade, then walked down the hill to the The Royal Leamington Spa Pump Rooms where there is a very cosy museum and art gallery. They did their best to recover and restore as much of the original pump rooms as possible. I like the Turkish bath, especially the tiles and domed-like ceilings. 

Walked a bit further down and took a photo or two of the All Saints Church across the bridge. Crossed the road to the Peace Festival, before ending the day with attending Mass at the St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

Since we could not go to the Peak District, which was actually about two to three hours drive (one way) on the motorway, we pacified ourselves with watching Pride and Prejudice, and looking at the natural beauty and Chatsworth House, aka Pemberly, through Elizabeth Bennet’s eyes. Sigh… One day, just one day, I’ll be there.

Sunday was much quieter. We went to have brunch at Caffe Corleonne. J recommended their panini and the garlic bread. It was really good and the price was reasonable. Even their coffe was good! We did a little bit of shopping after that and then went home as J had to stay in to do some marking, so I was left to my own devices for the rest of the day. I baked a banana cake-bread and prepared dinner. How domesticated.

   The Royal Leamington Spa Pump Rooms

Feels like one of those hippie festival from bygone years.        

Went for mass here.    

The Peak District.  

Chatsworth House, aka Pemberly, home of Mr. Darcy 

Seen through the eyes of Elizabeth Bennet. 
Sunday brunch at Caffe Corleonne. Something to do with the Godfather.  I really love the decor, and they also have seating for odd numbers, like for a person, or three.    

This is a single/corner seat.  
The panini.    

Baked potato with stuffing
The garlic bread, fresh from the oven.  
I baked Banana cake-bread. Simple enough that someone who hardly bakes could do. 😉   



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