Day 7 (16 June 2015): Warwick

The trip to the old city of Warwick was quite a last minute one. It was the last day for me at J’s place in Leamington Spa, and the day was so good that it would be a waste not to spend outside! We were looking through Lonely Planet’s England guidebook when she read about the surrounding areas and she came upon Warwick. That was when she remembered that she had a Kellogg’s coupon to Warwick Castle. 

Tip: Do look out for special promotions on cereal boxes and such. You may just be in time for a good deal.  We managed to save on the price of one ticket, which was really great! However, this coupon was for general admission. There is an extra admission to the Dungeons (£9), which we paid for when we were already in the castle. We could not decide earlier whether we had the time to visit the Dungeons as it was already 2-odd in the afternoon when we got there. But we did go for it, which I really highly recommend. However, do note that it can be quite scary in there.

If you have gone to the Dungeons tour in London, you will have an idea about the Warwick one. 😉

There are lots to see and do at Warwick Castle and the surrounding city. Having afternoon tea there is a good idea, especially with the sun shining. Do check out the beautiful rose garden when exiting the castle grounds. I fell in love with English roses all over again…

  I could imagine the horses trotting through this ancient path.    Going down into the Dungeons.       


The museum was very realistic, with recreated scenes from the day before the English Civil War.      

 Had my first English pulled pork burger/sandwich, which I felt was rather bland. I recommend the BBQ sauce instead of the original.

  There are a number of peacocks on the premise. Look out for them.

We climbed the towers and ramparts. One of which has so many steps! It was a huff and puff effort but it was worth it; a great view awaited us at the top.    

  The exhibition in the palace was also worth a visit.

The trebuchet was explained how it was used as a war machine. Yes, it still works. Sadly, they could not launch it that day.  But it was still quite impressive.    

 The peacock garden. Do you know that the mating call of the peacock sounds like a cat meowing loudly? We were quite shocked when we first heard it.

The Rose Garden in Warwick Castle  





We had a lovely walk around the city before heading home. If you like old buildings and history, then you will like this place.             



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