Day 8 (17 June 2015): Leamington & London

The day I leave calm Leamington for the big and bustling city of London. 

So, it is good bye Leamington, and hello Big Ben!

During the week I was with J, I visited new places and revisited Shakespeare’s town. It was a really relaxing stay there. I hope to be back there in the near future as there are some more places I hope to visit. 

In London, I stayed with another friend, G, who is still studying there. She is rooming in a very convenient location, with the Underground stations so near by, the British Museum is just about 10 minutes walk away, and Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Road a walkable distance away. 

 People canoeing down the Leam  on my last day.

    I like the little garden plot on the platform.  Farewell, Leamington! Till next time!

And now in London. 

Found this corner pub interesting, especially the name. Little Jack Horner sat in a corner…  

Took a walk down to the theatres district.  

Had dinner at Burger and Lobster. At £20 per lobster, it was really affordable and very filling. G and I had to walk the calories off after that.      
Walked into Hemleys, a 5 stories building of toys, and guess who I met on the top floor. Haha!   

It was the only time I could take a selfie with the queen. :p 

Came across this sculpture in the Regent Street area.  

Piccadilly Circus  

Buckingham Palace    

Finally got a photo of the grey squirrel. G said that this one is “well trained”. It knows that humans have food. Haha!!!   


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