Day 12 (21 June 2015): London & Kensington Palace

We decided only on Friday to spend the Sunday at Kensington Palace. We bought the tickets online as we didn’t want to risk queuing to buy at the desk. And much to our surprise, it is actually (Tip: It is) cheaper online.

But first, we had a busy morning planned.

First stop was Borough Market in the South of London. Tip: Do check the internet whether the markets you are interested in attending are opened. Because, we didn’t. So, imagined our faces when we got there to find no stalls opened. Sigh… Anyway, to make us feel better, we had brunch there. Lol!!! The food and ambience at The Eatsheaf was nice, and price-wise,  reasonable.  


After our tummys had been filled, (like the saying goes, a satisfied tummy makes a happy gir! Yeah right, I made that up! Haha!!!), we did a walk around Southwark. Went to the cathedral, which was very very near the market. Walked along the river, saw the ruins of Winchester Palace, saw a bit of Shakespeare’s Globe, then we crossed the bridge to St. Paul’s, before crossing London Bridge to see the Tower Brige from across and to take some photos of the landmark. As you can see of the state of my hair, it was a very windy day. Not that I was complaining, just glad that I decided not to wear my hat or else it will definitely go flying.  
We took the tube to Kensington Palace. It was already 2pm when we collected our tickets. Such (a) fascinating building(s)!  There were two special exhibitions on; one on Queen Victoria, and the other on the fashion of three remarkable royal ladies of their time. Queen Vic was quite pretty, in her own way, in her youth. They also showcased one of famous her black gowns which she had worn as a testament to her undying love to her husband. 

As part of our ticket, we also got to visit the old state apartments of a king and queen. Those were connected to another older building. While going down those hallways and corridors, I felt the many years of history walking with me, whispering their stories in my ears. It was definitely quite an experience there.

I enjoyed the small special exhibition of dresses from three leading royal ladies. It was quite insightful to how these women, as leading ladies of their time, have to also lead in fashion, in a manner of speaking, not that they were representing any fashion house.  

Of all things I liked about the afternoon in Kensington Palace, I liked the water colour wallpaper of Lady Diana the best, which were located outside the washrooms.  Haha! I’m weird. I know.

The gardens would look lovelier if only the sun shone through those clouds.
We went back to Gold Mine for dinner as it was only about a stone’s throw away from Kensington Palace. When we got there, around 6pm, it was getting crowded. Perhaps it was dinner time on a Sunday. We managed to get 2 seats in the restaurant, but we had to share with another family, which was fine with us as we did not want to wait for a long time. I, being hungry/greedy, had a whole plate of roasted duck rice to myself. Price: £10. If you are a small eater, you can share that plate. Even for myself, I was already feeling quite full at the halfway mark. Haha! Did I finish it? Yes. 😛


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