Day 13 (22 June 2015): London & The V&A Museum

My second last day in the UK before returning home. Hence, I spent about an hour at the British Museum (again, but I’m still not done there), and then about 2-3 hours just at Primark to get some essential shopping done. I can imagine some of you rolling your eyes at ‘essential’. LOL! Yes, essential shopping as I got more clothes for work than casual.

And then it was off to meet J at the V&A Museum for the Alexander McQueen special exhibition. šŸ™‚ Tip: Buy the tickets online. There is a cloakroom to leave your bulky stuff. Fee is by donation. I left my heavy items there. Who knew clothes can be this heavy? I learnt it the hard way that day. Haha!

A pity I did not set aside more time to see the other parts of this incredible art, fashion and design museum as we easily spent close to 3 hours at the exhibition itself.

The parts of the museum I managed to see are along the way to the main entrance. Saw a number of people lying down and staring or sketching some of the statues in the common area. Seems that the museum provides couches and cushions for such purposes. That’s a good way to encourage a continuous artistic and aesthetic growth in visitors.

Time for some photos.



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