It’s The Memories, Not That Photo on Social Media

So, we heard the mewings of a kitten coming from our porch this morning. The dad and I went to check under the car and even looked into the storage area under the deck. I meowed and the kitten responded, so I followed its sound and opened the bonnet. Lo and behold, the little fur-ball was stuck in the under-carriage of our car. Thank God it was still small enough for me to stick my hand in and take it out without any harm done to it, to me, or to the car. Dad said its mother was waiting in front of our gate this morning, so I took the kitten and walked a few houses down, looking for its mum. And, I found the house it was in.

Didn’t take any photos though I did think of it when I held it in my hand. But there are some things in life that doesn’t warrant a photo to be posted on any social media site.

It’s the memories and experiences that matters.
I just hope that this kitten doesn’t come and hide in our car again or else I might just keep it for myself.
Silly fur-ball.


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