Day 1: 27 Dec 2015 Fri, Tokyo

A very long day. 

And I’m finally going to sleep after this quick post. 

Took a morning flight from Singapore at 8:20am (GMT+8) and finally arrived in Tokyo’s Narita Airport at 4:00pm (GMT+9). This trip is the first time I’m flying by Japan Airlines and I was quite comfortable throughout the 7 hours. It was a 737, with a 2-3-2 seating configuration; that means that there are more asle seats for everyone. And yes, I got my asle seat this time round (refer to my post on London back in June)! Woohoo!!! 

As the plane was moving off from the terminal at Changi, the JAL ground crew came out to wave goodbye, or rather, they held out a banner “See you soon!” and waved as we moved out. That was so sweet of them! 🙂

Food wise… There were snacks and drinks after takeoff and before landing. The main meal was a choice of Western or Japanese. I took the Japanese as it was a lighter kind of taste; fish and rice, while the Western was a chicken broccoli pasta. What I really liked about the meal was the side dishes. There were 3 sides, fruits, n then ice-cream, n the main. I was happily full after eating up all these wonderful items. Pity that I did not have my camera with me or else you will have a picture of it. 

Crazily, for this whole flight, I left my camera in my bag which I left it in the overhead compartment. I missed the opportunity of sharing with you all the clear undistrupted view of Mt. Fuji I was blessed to see as the plane was approaching Tokyo. It was so splendid. It’s comical shape standing out proud and mighty against the land. Its top a nice cover of white. I’m not doing a good job describing it so, to do it justice, I shall just save the memory for myself. 

From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station, there are quite a few ways, 2 of which I can safely share with you here. Tip: Narita Express has 2 services. One is the Express which cost about ¥3000 and the journey is around 1 hour. The cheaper alternative is the Rapid service, costing ¥1320 but the journey took half an hour more than the other. So, no guessing which service the money-saving me took. 

To get to Asakusa Tsukuba Station, I moved from Tokyo Station to the Yamanote Line, and transferred at Akihabara for the Tsukuba Line. This leg of the journey took a much shorter time, about 20mins include waiting for the trains to arrive. By the way, these are the subway/metro. Tip: Know your stations, and check the map to find out which stations are nearer to your accommodation. It saves a lot of time on walking. The other station, Asakusa Station, is near the river. A few other metro lines stop there.

This trip consist of another 3 people, excluding myself so I had to plan the route such that they would not have to walk that much on the public transport. Another alternative I could had taken was the Airport Limousine. It is not a real limousine that is used by celebrities and the like, but it is a premier bus service one pays for to be dropped off at the door of one’s preferred accommodation. It cost ¥2600 for the 1 hour odd journey. There is a stop at Asakusa View Hotel which I had just found out that it is just across the road from my AirBnB apartment. Oh well.

Since there are now 4 of us on this trip, renting an apartment on AirBnB is a great idea of saving money. Not only that, there is a small kitchen or a kitchenette for us to prepare our meals, another great way to save. 

Ok. I’m turning in now. It’s already almost 1am, and I only had about 5-6 hours sleep the previous night. 
  Asakusa, a famous entertainment district in the olden times.



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