Day 9: 5 Dec 2015, Sat, Tokyo

 Clear day + weekend + Happy Land = crowds. 

I should have known better but I still went for it. 

Yes, it was a trip to Disneyland Tokyo. 

We left at 8:30am, took the subway to Tokyo Station and then changed to another JR line. The Keiyo line is a 470m walk. Oh my gosh… What a long way from one platform to another!!! And then we had to descend to the bowels of Tokyo Station just to get to that platform. 

Anyway, here is a map of the JR network.

To get to Disneyland, from Tokyo Station, take the JR Keiyo line and get off at Maihama Station. You can’t miss it. Follow the people with Disney dressing or paraphilia on them.


Because the day was so clear, I could even see Mt. Fuji!  

The first parade of the day, at 10:40am. But don’t worry about the timings. At the ticket counter, the sales staff will give you a map of the park and the timings of various shows and parades.  

Went up Cinderella’s castle. I was wondering why the castle is Cindy’s but not Aurora’s or Snow White’s. Then I think to myself, all of them three ladies have castles of their own and so, do the other castles in the other Disneyland parks have the castles belonging to the other two?

Anyway, while waiting to go into the castle, there were plenty of interesting stuff relating to Cinderella to look at. Like the murals done, and the stonework done on the pillars.

Up in the castle, one can see different dioramas done in different mediums depicting the different scenes from Cinderella.   
 We saw another parade after a while. The park staff managed the visitors very well, getting people to be seated on the pavements and roads along the parade route. And also, the visitors, mostly the citizens themselves, are either very cooperative or else they are seasoned park visitors such that they are prepared with picnic mats and blankets for the parade.
Because it was very crowded, it was pointless to queue for those rides that I wanted. In the end, we went to watch shows and do rides that require very little waiting. It became a situation of no-choice. Sounds sad, doesn’t it? Haha! Yeah. But then again, if it wasn’t crowded and if I went for the more exciting rides, I wouldn’t be watching or doing these things, like watching Stitch speaking Japanese, or the Country Bears presenting a Christmas concert, or even watch Minnie Mouse dance the samba or chacha. 
It was a very long and tiring day. Great weather. The fireworks were to be shown at 8:30pm but we decided to call it quits at 7pm. All of us were tired, such that dinner was just a burger at Beckers Maihama Station. Yawn… Till next time!


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