Day 12: 8 Dec 2015, Tues, Nikko

 After a night’s rest in Asakusa, it was time to hit the road again. This time, it’s to Nikko.

We planned to spend 4 days in this mountainous town resort north of Tokyo. We found out there is the Tobu Nikko All Nikko Pass, covering return train trip to Asakusa, unlimited bus and train rides in the areas covered in the pass, and good for 4 days. Pity I forgot to take a photo of how the pass looks like but it’s ok. I’ll just share the link with you.

So, we took the train from Tobu Station Asakusa, which is housed in the same building as Matsuya departmental store. There is another stop at Tokyo SkyTree before it makes its way to the north.    

We saw lots of farm land along the way, especially rice fields near the train tracks.

Going to the mountains! I see snow! Wasn’t that excited when I was going up to Fuji-Kawaguchiko. Hahaha!   

As the sign reads, 538m above sea level. Cold, for a city girl.   

This is the Tobu Nikko Station.


There is a World-Heritage sightseeing bus which one can take from outside Tobu Nikko Station. It covers the area dedicated to the UNESCO World Heritage area. It is basically the area of temples and a mausoleum of a very famous shogun. This sightseeing bus is a loop line and is covered for free in the All Nikko Pass.  

Shinkyo 神橋. Or sacred bridge.
  Raging waters from the mountains.  

An old telephone booth made out of an even older cable car.

This place is famous for their soy skin. The steamed bun in this photo is made of soy.  

If you are travelling to Nikko by JR, please note that the station is a few (hundred) meters away from Tobu station. The station looks really old-world.  

This is my room in Nikko Park Lodge Tobu Station. It is practically across the road from the station. That near. Found on Anyway, as you can see, my room is actually the living room of an apartment. I am guessing that this block of apartments are actually being rented and turned into this kind of hotel/lodging. Even though there is a small stove, we can’t cook. There is a microwave, electric kettle and mini fridge for sharing in the apartment.
Went star-gazing so had to bundle up. Really amazing to see the constellations this close so clearly. It’s best to be there physically to see all these stars. Really amazing! Especially since over in Singapore, near the equator, one can hardly get to clearly see so many stars.


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