Day 16: 12 Dec 2015, Sat, Tokyo

 Tokyo. Busy as always. 

Asakusa. Never the same. 

This morning, there was this group of performers dressed in traditional clothes promoting the opening of some shop in the area. It was actually very interesting watching them as they did their job. Only in Asakusa, I guess.  

A friend asked me to stop by the Disney Store in Harajuku to get for her somethings. And it is located in Takeshita Street. The very place I wanted to go after walking past the place a year ago. So, the mother and I went to JR Harajuku from Ueno. When you get there, look out for the sign that leads out to Takeshita Street. This place, as many other travel guides will tell you, is like a haven for Japanese teenage fashion. There are so many teenagers! Of all nationalities!! If you are looking for those strange/weird fashion you saw while reading manga, I guess this is the place for it. I been to the other side of Harajuku earlier on in the trip, where it is just as crowded. Anyway, the Daiso (¥100 shop) in Takeshita-dori is packed. So, be sure to know what you want to get from that place.

About Disney Store Harajuku, it is located in this building called Alta. It is only one floor, much unlike the one in Shibuya. I wasn’t very satisfied with this so I went over to Shibuya. Being a weekend, both stores were filled with people. The Shibuya store is near Tower Records, so head in that direction. It was Star Wars mania in both places. Haha! And there was a clearance of certain Disney products in the Shibuya store, which I didn’t see over in the Harajuku one. Good that I decided to go over. Lol!

We had late lunch. Found a ramen shop on one of the roads around Shibuya Mark City building. The noodles were quite like the Hongkong egg noodles, springiness to the bite and the soup was delicious! For ¥500, it was a very good and filing meal.    
The inside of the Disney Store Shibuya.  

And outside. Star Wars.    

Tip: if you can find this kind of chart on the subway platform, it basically shows you the layout for the other platforms on the other stations along the same line. Reading this chart or map is really useful if you happen to be carrying heavy stuff or have an elderly travelling with you, as the chart will show you the toilets, lifts, and escalators on the station you want to go to. So, for instance, I want to go to Shinjuku (新宿), and I need the lift when I get there, and I am at the blue box (Aoyama-itchome 青山一町目), I look for Shinjuku and I will find that the lift is located near carriage 1. Tadaa!  

Random note: it’s the season for Pufferfish/Blowfish.  

Random note 2: bought a present from this souvenir shop Asakusa Manekiya and the friendly sales girl gave me this 3D card of Fuji-yama and a fortune cat candy. Yay!!! Must be because I was the first customer of the day. Haha! 


9 thoughts on “Day 16: 12 Dec 2015, Sat, Tokyo

    1. Tokyo and Osaka are interesting in their own way. Asakusa in Tokyo is a lovely neighbourhood. A mix of then and now, even though there are lots of older citizens living in the area. But the culture is very much alive.
      Been to London this June but have yet to complete exploring all of it. Missed out the east parts where I found out that there are free museums there exhibiting life in the 1900s.

      1. I know!! Oh my goodness… And don’t get me started with the BM. I spent 2 days there but still not done. And there’s the V&A museum! You Londoners are really fortunate to have so much history around you. So envious…

      2. Thanks. We’re trying to keep the past despite the increasing pace of modernity. Do you have any tips for traveling in Russia, or just St Petersburg will do?

      3. I visited Moscow and St Petersburg and found them to be very pleasant. Don’t believe what people will tell you about Russia being unsafe, the big cities are just like any other European city. I plan to travel to Yakutsk, one of the coldest cities in the world! If you go to Russia make sure you visit the Hermitage. There really is nothing like it in the world the museum is amazing but not as amazing as the building itself! Now is a great time to go because of the fall in the Ruble it is relatively cheap. I was able to get a two course meal for two in a very nice restaurant with alcohol for £25 (about 4500 yen)

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