Day 18: 14 Dec 2015, Mon, Kamata

 The flight back home to Singapore is from Haneda airport, 10:50am. So, when I was booking the accommodation, I found a place near the airport. My research showed that it was 15mins walk to the other Kamata Station to get the Airport train. Ok. Sounds find to me. Then.

So I booked a night at Hotel Mystays Kamata for Mother and me.

The trip from Asakusa to Kamata via Ueno wasn’t that long, about an hour at most. That was what we expected but lo and behold, we managed to get the rapid service that happened to end its service at Kamata station. Yay! An estimated 1-hour ride turned out to be only 40mins long. Not bad. Walking from the station to the hotel was a little confusing at first, but once we found the place, left our luggage there, and retraced our steps back to JR Kamata, it was really just 5mins of walking! Wow… Good job, me. A pat on the back. 😉  

As we were very early for checkin, Mother and I took a walk around the neighbourhood and came across this outside an optician. Free Glasses Cleaner.     

Step 1: put your glasses into the water and press the green button. Don’t forget to hold on to your glasses.

Step 2: after a minute, dip your glasses into the other basin and then clean dry with the tissue paper provided. Viola! 

It was a unique experience with such a device. I couldn’t really tell the difference when I put on my specs but some parts were definitely cleaner than before. Ha..

Had a special Taiyaki, just to stave off the hunger. A season special Taiyaki of chestnut and red bean paste in the shape of a train.    

Another late lunch. This time at a Tempura fast-food restaurant. Apparently, this brand of Tempura restaurant originated in Asakusa. But I have never eaten that there. Oh well, that goes to show that I have much to discover of Asakusa on the next trip. :p

So, we finally checked in to our room at Hotel Mystays Kamata. I believe it’s the 3rd or 4th time I have stayed with this chain of hotels here in Japan. The price for a night is reasonable and the place is clean. SGD70+ a night for 2. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, towels, are provided in the room. Any extras, like facial cleanser, facial lotion, shavers, shaving cream, and the like, can be taken from the lobby, near the reception desk. There is also a microwave and ice-machine, next to the drinks vending machines, provided at the corner of each floor. I’m happy with the location because it is clean, and convenient. And there is a public bus service to the airport just outside the station. (Find out more in the next post!)


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