Day 19: 15 Dec 2015, Tues, Haneda Airport

Going home.

Thank you for your hospitality and great sights, Japan. I have truly enjoyed my stay with you. May you always be cleaned and courteous. 

But please stop killing the whales and eating them.

There is a very convenient airport bus service to Haneda located just outside the JR Kamata station. ¥280 per adult one-way. There are 2 services per hour starting from 5am, at bus stop 0. (Please refer to the schedule below.)

Really convenient especially since we had spent the previous night at Hotel Mystays Kamata, which is just a 5mins walk away from the station and bus stop.

The ride to Haneda Airport  羽田空港 from JR Kamata station, including traffic and stops, was about 25mins. Fast!  

Last night: Some food and drinks before going home. Kirin’s Lemon Tea and making use of the ice-cubes machine from the hotel. And of course, Morinaga custard pudding. Sigh… Going home soon…  

And to round up this trip, Nissin cup noodles for breakfast!!! And caramelised sweet potato sticks.

One thing I like about Japanese magazines are the bundled freebies. Hahaha!!! ¥780 for a Moomin bag and pouch, and a Laura Ashley calendar. 

Last minute spending: Japanese Royce chocolates for the brother. 

Thank you, and good bye! Till the next trip, stay well and strong, Japan!



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