Post Cast: The Check-up at the Hospital

Just a quick check-in.

I’m now at the Orthopaedic Clinic, waiting for my turn to see the Doctor and get this bloody irritating cast off my arm.

It feels slightly better now; I can somewhat bend my arm and wriggle my fingers. Doctor just had a review and said that I will have to do another post X-ray to see how the fractures are now. By the way, those two fractures may look small but it might be deep. Anyway, waiting for the X-ray to be done.


X-ray is done and back to the clinic. Lots of moving back and forth in the hospital.

Let’s see what the Doc will say.


I’m back in a cast. This time, it’s thicker, sturdier, and heavier. But sets real fast. I think I can do that arm lock move or elbow someone without feeling guilty. 😜

So, yeah, the cast is to prevent any accidents during this crucial period of letting the bone heal on its own. Just about another 6 days before I’m back here at the hospital to get it check again. 

And my hospitalization leave has been extended to the 19th of Feb.

Oh bummer. 

Yeah. I’m not very happy about it. I got to do work and with this Doctor’s order, I will still have to go back in to settle my relief work. Sigh… I should start planning my relief stuff for the kids’ Music lessons.

I think I’m a workaholic.

Till the next post, keep well and cycle safe.



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