Penang Day 2: 18 March 2016

We took the bus today. Oh yeah, I’m in Penang with my friend-colleague, T, who is also my Malay-English translator. Haha!

Got on the local Free Shuttle bus, known as the Central Area Transit (CAT). It is really convenient to move about in the city of Georgetown. It is a loop route: from the main terminal Komtar, to the Jetty, and back, stopping near many landmarks.

The roads in the heritage area are quite narrow so buses only ply roads that are bigger for traffic, a.k.a you got to walk in the heritage area.

We were searching for a supermarket but decided to travel further to Tesco Tanjong Tokong since we saw that there was a bus going there, bus 101 from the Jetty or Komtar. This bus also gets you to Ferringi Beach, via Gurney Plaza. And for just RM2 per way (SG$0.70), that is really cheap for a long journey of almost an hour, from the Jetty to Tesco Sri Tanjong.

For meals, we ate local as much as possible. Our breakfast at Jaya’s Restaurant on Penang Road. of Roti Canai Telur Bawang (Indian fried bread with egg and onions), a cup of tea, and a small shared plate of friend ladies’ fingers (okra) cost us, including tax, just RM12.10 in tota. That’s like SG$4 for both of us! And for lunch, we ate at Tesco’s food-court. I got a bowl of Assam Laksa while T had her Kway Teow Goreng Basah, about RM4-5 each (about SG$1-2). We went back for dinner after our spa, this time for fried noodles Indian style. RM5 (about SG$1.80) each plate of Maggie Goreng and Bihun Goreng. And we were saying that we can feast like Queens without feeling the the dent to our purses. LOL!

We took the same bus service, 101, back to Komtar, and from there, took the CAT to the Jetty where we walked to our spa appointment in the evening. Walking from the Jetty to Beach Street is actually very near, such that we were about 20mins early, so we had a bit of coffee, for me, and iced chocolate for T, and a light nibble at The Black Kettle. I wanted a Long Black but was recommended the cold-brew and it was excellent! From there, it was about 5mins walk to the spa.

Here are the photos!



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