Day 6: 13 June 2016, Tokyo

Nothing much to “report” except that I woke up really early to catch my flight from New Chitose to Narita. 

Flight was at 9:30am, unfortunately, due to delays, the JetStar flight finally took off at almost 10:20am, a near 45mins delay. It didn’t help that the airplane was parked quite a distance away on the Tarmac, so the passengers were shepherded into buses based on row numbers. Those whose rows were called earlier had to sit waiting the longest in the airplane. Boo to me. I was one of those. I think I dozed off during the wait.

Finally reached Narita at around noon. 

Hopped on the Sky Access line at 1:26pm and got to Asakusa by 3pm. 

And it just had to rain. Rain!!! Not the drizzle type but the fine rain-mist that blankets everything. So everything is wet. 

Yes, it has been a wet day from Sapporo to Tokyo.

I seem to be ranting. Sorry. I think I shall go to sleep now. See you!


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