Days 7-8: 14 & 15 June 2016, Tokyo

Went to two “high” places yesterday and today. 

The first, yesterday, was the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1, located in Shinjuku. Access to the observatory deck on the 45th floor is free and only requires a bag check. 

Weather for the day was rather clear, but not that clear to see Mt. Fūji. Oh well. But sights in Tokyo itself were very clear. 

Directions? From Japan Guide or you can refer to this screen-shot. 😊

Oh yes! Don’t forget to look down. There may not be money on the floor but there are other interesting stuff like this map.

You should look out for this building, and when you are there, look for the signages leading to the lift up.

After that, it was to Harajuku for some shopping and searching for a certain shop.

Here’s a shot of Harajuku Station from the Gap store building opposite. They’re having a sale now, and travelers have an extra 10% off if you show the cashier your passport. 😉

In the evening, I took a walk to the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Building opposite Kaminari-mon. The observatory on the 8th floor is open to public till 10pm. You can get a great view of Tokyo SkyTree and the neighbourhood, provided the sky is clear.

Seen here of the Tokyo SkyTree from the grounds of Asakusa Temple. Quite a cloudy night.

From the 8th floor.

Asakusa Temple at night. A really great time to snap a photo of this historical and glorious place.
Today, the 15th, since the weather was slightly better, with a very intermittent and light drizzle, I took the chance and finally crossed the bridge to Tokyo SkyTree Solamachi itself. 

Of all the times I’ve been to this neighbourhood the last few years, I never did go to that tower or to its attached shopping centre. I’ve only passed by while on the trains.

Anyway, saw this interesting sight as I was walking there: a man fanning his dog. Yes. The man was fanning his tee-shirt-wearing dog which was in the stroller. Hmmm… 🤔

Crossed the bridge!

And a park and a few lanes away… Tadaa!!! So many shops and eateries in this place. It’s huge!!!

Here’s the mandatory photo of the tower. It is now the tallest, surpassing the Tokyo Met. Govt. Bldg. and even Tokyo Tower 🗼and I thought to myself, since the view is pretty much the same up there as with the other building yesterday, I can save the money on going up and use it for getting myself a nice dinner. So I did, i.e. didn’t pay to go up the tower.

There’s a Pepper Lunch restaurant near Oshiage Station, that’s the station Tokyo SkyTree and Solamachi is located, and I’m satisfied with my Japanese beef steak for dinner. 😋 The price was very affordable, about 900¥ for this portion. See? I saved my money from the tower and used it on my dinner. 😆

With that, good night!


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