Day 9: 16 June 2016, Maihama

Wanted to buy some things for the nephew since he is into Star Wars, so I headed down to the Disney Resorts Store at Maihama, as I felt that the other Disney Stores did not have much to offer for an 11 years old, but I left the store disappointed. However, I managed to get my limited edition Disney Sea 15th Anniversary Nanoblock figurine. Yay!

To get to Disneyland, from Tokyo Station, take the Keiyo Line and get off at JR Maihama Station. From there, you can either walk into Disneyland or Disney Sea, or take their specially Disney Monorail. If you can get the limited express train, good for you! You can get there in 14mins, or else it will be about 30mins on the usual train.

The items sold at the Disney Resorts Store is different from those at the Disney Stores, like the Disney Nanoblocks figurines and other limited edition items. Then again, those at the Stores in the city can get different products too. So, I’ll head to the one at Shibuya either tomorrow or the weekend. 

So far, I’ve been to the Disney Stores in Shibuya, Harajuku, Tokyo Solamachi, and today, at Maihama. Each store has a different look. The one at Maihama has a very cute Tea Party setup, as advertisement for the sequel film to Alice in Wonderland.
Look out for Duffy, a bear limited to Disney Sea and Japan. 

At the shopping centre Ikspiari, there is a food court on level B1, selling affordable Japanese and Western food. Do try the udon there! It’s fresh and inexpensive.


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