Day 10: 17 June 2016, Yokohama

It being a day of clear skies, I went to Yokohama’s Cup Noodles Museum since I always miss it on the previous occasions.

It was kind of easy getting there. If I didn’t take the train from Asakusa Station, I could had taken one from Ueno which gets there directly. Whichever way, I got there in under an hour. 
So, from Sakuragicho Station, walk across towards this huge Ferris wheel near World Porters shopping centre. You will have to cross some bridges. While crossing, take a look at the marine life. I saw a good number of jellyfish and also schools of fish. The weather has been too warm that jellyfish has surfaced in these parts.
Round the block and across the road from the Ferris wheel, it’s the Cup Noodles Museum. Entrance fee is 500¥ for an adult.
Other than the exhibitions, is the most exciting activity at the museum – your personalized cup noodles! First thonk in 300¥ to get your cup, next is to colour/design on the cup. Finally, get the noodles and toppings in! All throughout the experience, the staff were there to guide me. At the end, inflate your own airbag for your cup noodles. It was a really enjoyable and one-of-a-kind experience.
If you’re feeling hungry, there’s an eatery on the 4th floor. It looks like a night market you can find in S.E Asian countries. Food stalls selling noodles from various parts of the world can be found here. Unfortunately, there are only 8 dishes available. Each bowl of noodles sells at 300¥ each. You buy it from coupon machines located near their respective stalls.

After a good lunch, head down to the exhibitions on the 2nd floor and learn the history of instant ramen and Cup Noodles. After that, have some fun and learning experiences about creativity. If that’s not your thing, then head all the way down and go to the gift shop. There are lots to see and experience at the Cup Noodles Museum!
Like the founder of the instant cup noodles, Never give up!


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