Day 11: 18 June 2016, Ueno

Decided to explore the neighbouring area since I have been here in Asakusa for almost a week. 

Took a walk to Ueno, and it got me there within half an hour. The sun was out in all its glory and so, you can imagine how much I perspired during the walk. 

Went to Ueno Park since I’ve heard great things about it from a colleague.

Lots of activities happening, such as streetbuskings and even a bicycle competition for very young children. 

Hopped over to the Tokyo National Museum, on the east side of the park, paid 610¥ for the regular exhibitions and spent closed to 2hours inspecting just 1/3 of the full collection. However, I have at least covered the Japanese collection, and didn’t really have to see the South East Asian collection.

Okay. Less talk, more photos, but do pardon me for my commentaries. 😁

Map of Ueno Park, incase I got lost. There are Tourist Information Volunteers stationed in the park.

Do you see the faces of two old persons in the tree?

A shrine with many torii (gates).

The Ueno Toshogu shrine is a smaller self of the greater Nikko Toshogu temple.

Met this nice park staff who was drawing pictures of animals using water. Do note that he drew the pictures from an upside-down point of view. Amazing!

Lots of people and activities. It was so hot that even the Starbucks outlet there was totally crowded with customers queuing to get a cold drink.

My time spent at the museum. It was so fascinating to see the intricacy on the little ivory carvings, the realistic quality of carved ivory cherries, the poem neatly written on tea cups, or the embroidery work on those clothings. Wow!

After that, walked past the National Musieum of Nature and Science where I saw a huge whale 🐳.

Found my way to the Ameyayokocho shopping street. It’s located behind Ueno Station. Lots of items being sold, like a kind of bazaar; clothes, shoes, bags, fresh fruits, dried food stuff, and freshly cooked food. It was so busy and filled with people!

Had Takoyaki (chopped octopus in flour balls). Fresh and piping hot! 
Ah! My feet is totally tired… Walked so much today. 


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