Day 12: 19 June 2016, Roppongi & Ginza

Went to church in Roppongi on this Sunday at The Franciscan Chapel Center

After that, took a walk to Roppongi to see if there’s any interesting exhibition. To my surprise, there was a Sailor Moon one ongoing! Wow!!! It has been years since. Anyway, the exhibition ended on that Sunday itself and it being the last day, and since I was there, I didn’t go in. Ahahahahahaha! Caught you there, didn’t I? 😂 Yeah, as I thought it was a tad too much for an exhibition. ¥1800. 

So I took the train to Ginza as there’s this stationery shop I wanted to go to during the last trip. As you can see, part of the road in Ginza was closed to traffic, and that’s cool with me. 😁
Found Ginza Itōya. It is a shop with 7 floors of (more) stationery and (lesser) home and travel items. And there is full tax refund too! Woohoo! My 8% came back at me. 

There are some departmental stores that deduct 1.5% from your 8% tax return as service fee. So, you actually get 6.5% instead. 😞
So, had my fun there, and I was quite hungry after, which landed me in a Yoshinoya outlet. Yoshinoya is quintessentially the MacDonalds equivalent to the locals here. It is cheap, fast, and also, nutrious! (There’s veg.)

So, this bowl of rice mixed with beef and veg cost me ¥590, and it filling enough to keep my tummy happy till the next morning. Actually, it isn’t that much but that shows that my tummy wanted to have lesser food. LOL!

Came back to Asakusa and found a little surprise in the temple grounds. There seemed to be some kind of festival which happened while I was out. The food stalls were packing up for the day, and while I was wondering where was that standard Takoyaki stand, it “appeared” before me. Hahaha! No temple festival is complete without the usual takoyaki and okomiyaki food stalls. And it being summer, there are food stalls selling shaved ice! It is actually shaved ice with coloured syrup, and maybe with some toppings. In Malaysia and Singapore, it’s called either ABC, or ice-kacang.
Ok. Since it is Fathers Day, happy fathers day to all you dads and people in fatherly capacities! 


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